African Camwood with Rose Geranium


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With Rose Geranium Essential oil.

African Camwood is also known as African Sandalwood comes from the inner core of the Camwood Tree growing only in certain regions of West Africa.

Camwood is versatile in dealing with different skin issues, and is recommended  for those who value flawless skin. Camwood or African Sandalwood has been used for centuries by Africans in their skincare regime, it is said to have antiseptic and skin balancing properties.

The after effects of Camwood is immediate leaving your skin flawless and nourished, it will clear signs of acne, skin rashes, blemishes and premature ageing and many more.

Camwood Powder contains powerful antioxidants and is also an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to improve blood circulation to your face, removes toxins and fights the formation of wrinkle-causing free radicals, it is also loaded with anti-aging, detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties.

Rose geranium oil is an active ingredient that has antioxidant properties which are natural agents for improving your skin’s ability to heal itself from environmental toxins and exposure, helping to reduce the signs of aging.


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