Basil and Lime


With Basil and Lime Essential oils.

Basil’s powerful oil helps cleanse the skin from within. The excellent skin cleanser is perfect for those with oily skin. It also helps remove dirt and impurities that clog pores. Basil oil possesses excellent anti-inflammatory properties that work well in warding off skin irritations, small wounds and sores. The soothing effects of basil leaves help in healing eczema, the goodness of vitamin C boosts skin cells metabolism and elasticity. Antioxidants like most herbs, basil has antioxidants, which help protect the skin from environmental stressors, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Due to its high limonene content, lime essential oil is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants help to remove free radicals that damage cells, including those of the skin. This helps reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, sun spots, and wrinkles. Its astringent properties help keep the skin firm, reducing sagging.

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Weight 100 g

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