Do you check the labels?

Think about the last time you bought a beauty product, did you check the label? As consumers it is of vital importance that we check our labels so that we can become more informed about the ingredients used and whether or not these ingredients have been sourced from sustainable farmers & manufacturers/suppliers. Take palm oil as an example, over 140 already endangered species of wildlife and plant life are further at risk due to the deforestation of natural forests in order to make way for the demand of palm oil. Many products used daily contain palm oil that are sourced from these man made plantations. We as consumers are aiding in the destruction of rain forests, the extinction of wildlife and the forced removal of rural farmers when we purchase products that contain palm oil sourced from man-made plantations. Therefore it is so important to check the labels and purchase products that only use sustainable palm oil. If we begin to shift our thought of how we shop and the choices we make when choosing which products to buy, a “responsible revolution” will begin to take place, and we all can contribute to this planet becoming a sustainable one.


My name is Erica and I am the founder of “The Soap Chef SA.”  Three years ago I had an idea – to manufacture ethical body products made up of natural ingredients sourced from the earth. Not only did I want to manufacture natural body products, I wanted to ensure that my scope of work; the manufacturing process, my choice of ingredients/suppliers and my carbon footprint focused around the idea of a sustainable earth & future. It became my passion and my mission to manufacture products with a purpose, to inform consumers about the choices and impact they make when buying natural products and to become a small business owner with a big idea that materialised for the greater good. With a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, The Soap Chef SA was born and I was one step closer to achieving my vision.


The Soap Chef offers consumers ethically handcrafted Hypo-allergenic clay soaps and skincare butters and oils at affordable, competitive prices. Our soaps, butters and skincare products are handmade using 100% natural ingredients, essential oils and butters sourced from “Mother Nature” to ensure that we provide you with environmentally friendly products whilst reducing our carbon footprint as well as yours. All our product are animal friendly, vegan friendly, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and chemical and paraben free.

Our mission is to provide consumers with products that are 100% honest. Every single ingredient has been disclosed in order to provide you with all the relevant information you need to ensure our products suit your every need and want.

Our vision is to share our knowledge about natural soap products so that you can make a conscious decision when purchasing products. We want to ensure that you become more aware of what you are putting onto your body as well as your children’s bodies.

My range of soaps and products can be viewed on and


Our products are presently being sold at various markets in and around Cape Town as well as online.

We have received many positive responses and solid feedback from many satisfied and returning customers both local and international and due to the success we have we feel that The Soap Chef SA products will fare well in any market/store.


The most frequently asked question is HOW we do it. How does this “idea” of manufacturing and selling natural products help or give back to the earth? Well … this is how:

  1. We know our supply chain

The only way to make sure we are manufacturing responsibly is by asking the right questions to the right people. We know who we are purchasing our ingredients from, and are therefore making socially responsible choices by supporting these suppliers who value sustainability as well.

  1. We encourage our customers in going green

We run an initiative where our customers receive a discount when returning or refilling their empty containers. By doing so we reduce our carbon footprint by having to purchase less containers (which result in less containers being manufactured = pollution) as we encourage our customers to recycle them.

  1. We go paperless or choose recycled paper

We go paperless where ever we can but if we can’t we only use recycled paper, including all our packaging, labels, tags and printing paper. Its a bit more costly but not in the broader sense of the environment. We are 100% plastic free.

  1. We manufacture chemical free products

We only use chemical free ingredients when manufacturing our products, therefore we help reduce the pollutants getting pushed back out into the environment.

  1. We are power conscious

We always turn off all lights, computers and anything we can from the power point. It’s a small power saving but it all adds up.

  1. We recycle our ink cartridges

As much as we have gone digital we still need to print our product labels to inform our customers about what’s in our products. However we are recycling our ink cartridges, reducing plastic waste in the bigger scheme of things.


Let’s Unwrap

Our “Lets Unwrap” campaign is focused around moving away from plastic packaging and towards using recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging as well as using no packaging at all besides the recycled bag used to transport the purchased products i.e. our shampoo bar. This campaign has been put into place to encourage consumers to purchase products with a zero waste factor.

Medicinal Beauty

Our “Medicinal Beauty” campaign focuses on manufacturing products with medicinal properties to heal, nourish and nurture the skin. Our aim is to inform consumers to purchase our natural beauty products instead of mass produced products which are harmful and abrasive on the skin. Moving away from mass produced products will encourage consumers to make ethical choices when choosing which beauty products to purchase due to the effect it will have on their skin.